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Tatry Wysokie widziane z Parku Narodowego Gór Bukowych koło Ómassy





Zdjęcie przedstawia: Tatry Wysokie
Zdjęcie wykonane z: Ómassy w Parku Narodowym Gór Bukowych na Węgrzech
Odległość: do Lomnicy – 124 km
Zdjęcie wykonano dnia: 2009.06.13

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7 komentarzy

  1. medvekoma pisze:

    Thanks mateo for publishing my photo. I am happy that you like it, and I also like the map you created.
    I am not happy however about the quality of the replica you published. Please consider using it in its original form:

    Best Regards,

  2. mateo pisze:


    There’s no problem with changing the picture setup, if it’s your will I can modify it or publish genuine version as well. There’ll be a simulation made in Kashmir 3D with mountain peaks’ names published here as well, which is especially interesting for us having in mind Tatras from the north side.

    I’m glad you like the idea of long distance photography and I’d like to encourage you to participate with us by publishing pictures like that at DO. Got any in your gallery? 🙂

  3. admin pisze:

    Corrected, hope all is OK 😉

  4. medvekoma pisze:


    I realized that you need a 540 px wide image, so you can download this one:

    Yes, I love the mountains, and like the idea of collecting wide view images. Keep up the good work! I have a few images in my mountains set. The ones taken in Piatra Craiului mountains in Transylvania (Romania) could be interesting.

    Best regards,
    medvekoma (Attila)

  5. medvekoma pisze:

    Wow, this 3D view is amazing!

  6. mateo pisze:

    Raf, is it already SRTM-1 or still 3?

  7. admin pisze:

    Its old SRTM-1 data brings from http://www.viewfinderpanoramas.org/dem3.html . Can’t download new 2009 ASTER Global DEM (GDEM), japan server is extremely busy ;-/ Cheers

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