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Korsyka widziana z Mont Caume (FR) [250+ km]

P1270891 - copie 2

Zdjęcie przedstawia: góry Korsyki (w tym masyw Monte Cinto 2.706 m n.p.m (=n.p.g.); Francja)
Zdjęcie wykonane z: Mont Caume (804 m n.p.m.; góry Toulon; Francja; 43.18452 N, 5.90805 E)
Odległość: ok. 270 km
Zdjęcie wykonano dnia: 2016.02.21
Autor: Bruno Carrias
Aparat: Panasonic dmc tz 55

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16 komentarzy

  1. mateo pisze:

    Mt Caume to jeden z najbardziej wybitnych szczytów w Europie. Źródła donoszą o widoczności na 400+ km aż po tereny Szwajcarii. Sądząc po jakości widoku z 270 km i to od mniej korzystnej kontynentalnej strony, chyba odkryliśmy ziemię obiecaną DO…

  2. bruno Carrias pisze:

    thanks mateo but it’s impossible to see area of switzerland,there is southern alps which hide switzerland and mont caume is only at 804m,Canigou is the maximum distance(291km) for mont caume

  3. Andrzej A. pisze:

    Bruno, I think, that @mateo thought about Monte Cinto.
    From Monte Cinto is really possibile to see a little part of Swiss Alps.

  4. Andrzej A. pisze:

    Sorry, congratulations for this great shot.

  5. mateo pisze:

    Guys, obviously I was talking about Cinto. There are several sources in web describing exceptional visibility for the summit.

  6. mateo pisze:

    @bruno – do you have any further right shots made that day? It seems like visible horizon is going backwards in that direction and theoretical distance reaches 290 km!

  7. bruno Carrias pisze:

    impossible to see the peak at 292km cos there is mist above the sea which hide a part of corse what is possible to see from mont caume if there was no mist and this peak at 292km is hidden by the mist

  8. bruno Carrias pisze:

    yes you are agree it’s from Monte Cinto

  9. mateo pisze:

    I forgot to upload the view simulation, now it’s complete. One more time congrats for your achievement and devotion to “DO”!

  10. bruno Carrias pisze:

    @mateo i read it has been posted in 150-200km it’s an error

  11. Piotr_Long_Island pisze:

    well… HeyWhatsThat shows, that is possible to see Punta Gnifetti, but Udeuschle and PeakFinder are not so optimistic…

  12. mateo pisze:

    Piotr, are you talking about those swiss summits probable to be seen from Cinto?

  13. Piotr_Long_Island pisze:

    Yes. If you try “Punta Gnifetti” on http://www.heywhatsthat.com/ you can see red dots on Monte Cinto 🙂 and vice versa.
    But as I said: Udeushle does not show anything there. I tried even elevate the viewpoint high above the summit. No results…So…

  14. mateo pisze:

    Piotr, it was the same with i.e. this one https://dalekieobserwacje.eu/babia_gora_z_czestochowy/. If there’s one program amongst those mentioned above showing possibility to see something from somewhere it’s, at least, worth while to try to catch it. Actually I tried to find reasons why there are cases when one program is giving different results then the other and it’s likely that udeulsche is more conservative when it’s close-shave situation.

  15. Krzysiek_S pisze:

    what are you talking about? I have never used PeakFinder, but Udeuschle shows Lyskamm and almost all summits of Monte Rosa (except of Nordend) from Monte Cinto. Did you extend the view range?

  16. Piotr_Long_Island pisze:

    oooo! Yes, you’re right! I forgot to extend the view range! Thanks for the advice!

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